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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s) 
12014Why we like to watch sad films: the pleasure of being moved in aesthetic experiencesHanich, Julian; Wagner, Valentin; Shah, Mira; Jacobsen, Thomas ; Menninghaus, Winfried
22019What Are Aesthetic Emotions?Menninghaus, Winfried; Wagner, Valentin; Wassiliwizky, Eugen; Schindler, Ines; Hanich, Julian; Jacobsen, Thomas ; Koelsch, Stefan
32014Utility-Based Early Modulation of Processing Distracting Stimulus InformationWendt, Mike; Luna-Rodriguez, Aquiles ; Jacobsen, Thomas 
42019The time course of distractor-based response activation with predictable and unpredictable target onsetJost, Kerstin; Wendt, Mike; Luna-Rodriguez, Aquiles ; Löw, Andreas ; Jacobsen, Thomas 
52017The right temporoparietal junction supports speech tracking during selective listeningPuschmann, Sebastian; Steinkamp, Simon; Gillich, Imke; Mirkovic, Bojana; Debener, Stefan; Thiel, Christiane M.
62018The posterior sustained negativity Revisited-An SPN reanalysis of Jacobsen and Höfel (2003)Jacobsen, Thomas ; Klein, Stina; Löw, Andreas 
72017The emotional power of poetryWassiliwizky, Eugen; Koelsch, Stefan; Wagner, Valentin; Jacobsen, Thomas ; Menninghaus, Winfried
82017The emotional and aesthetic powers of parallelistic dictionMenninghaus, Winfried; Wagner, Valentin; Wassiliwizky, Eugen; Jacobsen, Thomas ; Knoop, Christine A.
92017The distancing-embracing model of the enjoyment of negative emotions in art receptionMenninghaus, Winfried; Wagner, Valentin; Hanich, Julian; Wassiliwizky, Eugen; Jacobsen, Thomas 
102017Tears falling on goosebumpsWassiliwizky, Eugen; Jacobsen, Thomas ; Heinrich, Jan; Schneiderbauer, Manuel; Menninghaus, Winfried
112018Target–distractor congruency: sequential effects in a temporal flanker taskTomat, Miriam ; Wendt, Mike; Luna-Rodriguez, Aquiles ; Sprengel, Michael ; Jacobsen, Thomas 
122019Symmetry Is Not a Universal Law of BeautyLeder, Helmut; Tinio, Pablo P. L.; Brieber, David; Kröner, Tonio; Jacobsen, Thomas ; Rosenberg, Raphael
132017Strategic control over extent and timing of distractor-based response activationJost, Kerstin; Wendt, Mike; Luna-Rodriguez, Aquiles ; Löw, Andreas ; Jacobsen, Thomas 
142017Stability and variability in aesthetic experienceJacobsen, Thomas ; Beudt, Susan
152018Shifting the set of stimulus selection when switching between tasksWendt, Mike; Luna-Rodriguez, Aquiles ; Jacobsen, Thomas 
162019Settings, sensors, and tasks: Comment on Scherer, Trznadel, Fantini, and CoutinhoJacobsen, Thomas 
172014Sequential modulation of distractor-interference produced by semantic generalization of stimulus featuresWendt, Mike; Luna-Rodriguez, Aquiles ; Jacobsen, Thomas 
182018Selective impairment of attentional set shifting in adults with ADHDLuna-Rodriguez, Aquiles ; Wendt, Mike; Kerner auch Körner, Julia ; Gawrilow, Caterina; Jacobsen, Thomas 
192016Repair or Violation Detection?: Pre-Attentive Processing Strategies of Phonotactic Illegality Demonstrated on the Constraint of g-Deletion in GermanSteinberg, Johanna; Jacobsen, Thomas Konstantin; Jacobsen, Thomas 
202018Recent response conflict reduces perceptual sensitivity at the time of distractor onsetSprengel, Michael ; Wendt, Mike; Jacobsen, Thomas 

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s) 
12017Adoption of task-specific sets of visual attentionWendt, Mike; Kähler, Svantje T. ; Luna-Rodriguez, Aquiles ; Jacobsen, Thomas 
2Jul-2020Aesthetic emotions are a key factor in aesthetic evaluation: Reply to Skov and Nadal (2020)Menninghaus, Winfried; Schindler, Ines; Wagner, Valentin; Wassiliwizky, Eugen; Hanich, Julian; Jacobsen, Thomas ; Koelsch, Stefan
32017Aesthetic episodes, domains, and the mindJacobsen, Thomas 
42014Aesthetic Evaluations of Literary Genres: an Exploratory StudyKnoop, Christine A.; Wagner, Valentin; Menninghaus, Winfried; Jacobsen, Thomas 
52014Aesthetic terms used for the description and evaluation of literatureWagner, Valentin; Knoop, Christine A.; Menninghaus, Winfried; Jacobsen, Thomas 
62016Anger framed: A field study on emotion, pleasure, and artWagner, Valentin; Klein, Julian; Hanich, Julian; Shah, Mira; Menninghaus, Winfried; Jacobsen, Thomas 
72014Art schema effects on affective experience: the case of disgusting imagesWagner, Valentin; Menninghaus, Winfried; Hanich, Julian; Jacobsen, Thomas 
82015Art-elicited chills indicate states of being movedWassiliwizky, Eugen; Wagner, Valentin; Jacobsen, Thomas ; Menninghaus, Winfried
92013Asymmetries in the perception of synthesized speechJanska, Anna C.; Schröger, Erich; Jacobsen, Thomas 
102014Attentional adjustment to response conflict under conditions of controlled low- and high-level feature priming and distractor-response contingenciesWendt, Mike; Luna-Rodriguez, Aquiles ; Jacobsen, Thomas 
112013Being moved, being touched, and being stirred in relation to other emotions - their location in affective spaceJacobsen, Thomas ; Wagner, Valentin; Wassiliwizky, Eugen
122014Being moved: linguistic representation and conceptual structureKuehnast, Milena; Wagner, Valentin; Wassiliwizky, Eugen; Jacobsen, Thomas 
13Open AccessSep-2011Beyond demand: Investigating spontaneous evaluation of chord progressions with the affective priming paradigmMüller, Mira; Klein, Julian; Jacobsen, Thomas 
14Open Access2006Brain correlates of aesthetic judgment of beautyJacobsen, Thomas ; Schubotz, Ricarda I.; Höfel, Lea; Cramon, D. Yves V.
15Open Access2006Bridging the arts and sciences: a framework for the psychology of aestheticsJacobsen, Thomas 
162017Changes in room acoustics elicit a mismatch negativity in the absence of overall interaural intensity differencesFrey, Johannes D.; Wendt, Mike; Löw, Andreas ; Möller, Stephan ; Zölzer, Udo ; Jacobsen, Thomas 
172017Cognitive functioning and emotion processing in breast cancer survivors and controlsWirkner, Janine; Weymar, Mathias; Löw, Andreas ; Hamm, Carmen; Struck, Anne-Marie; Kirschbaum, Clemens; Hamm, Alfons O.
18Open AccessSep-2013Conflict adjustment devoid of perceptual selectionWendt, Mike; Luna-Rodriguez, Aquiles ; Kiesel, Andrea; Jacobsen, Thomas 
192013Congruency ratio-based modulation of early distractor processing: an ERP study of the temporal flanker taskWendt, Mike; Luna-Rodriguez, Aquiles ; Jacobsen, Thomas 
202016Control over extent and timing of distractor-based response activiationJost, Kerstin; Wendt, Mike; Luna-Rodriguez, Aquiles ; Löw, Andreas ; Jacobsen, Thomas