Title: Opening the black box of data-based school monitoring: Data infrastructures, flows and practices in state education agencies
Authors: Hartong, Sigrid 
Förschler, Lea-Annina 
Language: eng
Keywords: Data-based governance;Digitalisation;Education;Germany;State education agencies;US
Issue Date: 2019
Document Type: Article
Journal / Series / Working Paper (HSU): Big data & society
Volume: 6
Issue: 1
Contributing to a rising number of Critical Data Studies which seek to understand and critically reflect on the increasing datafication and digitalisation of governance, this paper focuses on the field of school monitoring, in particular on digital data infrastructures, flows and practices in state education agencies. Our goal is to examine selected features of the enactment of datafication and, hence, to open up what has widely remained a black box for most education researchers. Our findings are based on interviews conducted in three state education agencies in two different national contexts (the US and Germany), thus addressing the question of how the datafication and digitalisation of school governance has not only manifested within but also across educational contexts and systems. As our findings illustrate, the implementation of data-based school monitoring and leadership in state education agencies appears as a complex entanglement of very different logics, practices and problems, producing both new capabilities and powers. Nonetheless, by identifying different types of ‘doing data discrepancies’ reported by our interviewees, we suggest an analytical heuristic to better understand at least some features of the multifaceted enactment of data-based, increasingly digitalised governance, within and beyond the field of education.
Organization Units (connected with the publication): Erziehungswissenschaft, insb. gesellschaftl., politische und rechtl. Grundlagen von Bildung und Erziehung 
ISSN: 2053-9517
Publisher DOI: 10.1177/2053951719853311
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