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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Open Access26-Feb-2021Sociological Labour Market TheoriesWeingärtner, Simon ; Köhler, Christoph 
-2020Differential Evolution in Production Process Optimization of Cyber Physical SystemsGiese, Katharina ; Eickmeyer, Jens ; Niggemann, Oliver 
-2020Discretization of hybrid CPPS data into timed automaton using restricted Boltzmann machinesHranisavljevic, Nemanja ; Maier, Alexander ; Niggemann, Oliver 
-2020Learned AbstractionBunte, Andreas ; Li, Peng ; Niggemann, Oliver 
Open AccessFeb-2021Führung und Machtspiele in Veränderungsprozessen in kommunalen KrankenhäusernSpieß, Julia 
-May-2020“Free” and “unfree” money in German prisonsIloga Balep, Nathalie ; Junne, Jaromir 
Open Access2020Wind Turbine Forward Scatter - Qualitative Analysis, Vital Parameters and AvoidanceRaza, Muhammad Bilal 
Open Access2020Hybrid and Pseudo-Cascaded Active Noise Control Applied to HeadphonesRivera Benois, Piero Iared 
Open Access2021Nachhaltige HochschulenHerzner, Alexander 
-2012Albert moll sources and bibliographyPranghofer, Sebastian  
-2006Limits of professional secrecyPranghofer, Sebastian  ; Maehle, Andreas Holger 
-2021States of healing in early modern GermanyPranghofer, Sebastian  
Open Access2020Infrastrukturen leitungsgebundener Energieträger
Open Access2020Analyse und Gestaltung mobilitätsorientierter InstandhaltungsdienstleistungHerzog, Sebastian 
-5-Nov-2019Secondary Flow Measurements in a Compressor Cascade Using 3D LDA/PDAHarbeck, Janneck Christoph ; Geist, Silvio ; Joos, Franz 
-5-Nov-2019Secondary Flow Measurements in a Compressor Cascade Using 3D LDA/PDAGeist, Silvio ; Harbeck, Janneck Christoph ; Joos, Franz 
-Feb-2020Evaporation Modeling of Water Droplets in a Transonic Compressor Cascade under Fogging ConditionsSeck, Adrian ; Geist, Silvio ; Harbeck, Janneck Christoph ; Weigand, Bernhard ; Joos, Franz 
-2020Investigation of the Flow Field and the Pressure Recovery in a Gas Turbine Exhaust Diffuser at Design, Part-Load and Over-Load ConditionBauer, Maximilian ; Hummel, Simon ; Schatz, Markus ; Kegalj, Martin ; Vogt, Damian 
-2020Aerodynamic Damping Analysis for Radial Turbine Featuring a Multichannel Casing DesignHassan, Ahmed Farid ; Mueller, Tobias ; Schatz, Markus ; Vogt, Damian 
-2020Design and optimization of turbomachinery components for parabolic dish solar hybrid micro gas turbineArifin, Maulana ; Schatz, Markus ; Vogt, Damian 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 653

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