Title: Building REST APIs for the robot operating system-mapping concepts and interaction
Authors: Keppmann, Felix Leif
Maleshkova, Maria 
Harth, Andreas
Language: eng
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2015
Publisher: RWTH
Document Type: Conference Object
Journal / Series / Working Paper (HSU): CEUR Workshop Proceedings
Volume: 1359
Page Start: 10
Page End: 19
Publisher Place: Aachen
Conference: 12th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2015), Portoro┼ż, Slovenia, June 1, 2015
The vision of theWeb of Things (WoT) aims to leverageWeb standards in order to interconnect all types of embedded devices and real-world objects, and thus to make them a part of the WWW. Therefore, WoT aims to build a futureWeb of devices that is truly open, flexible, and scalable. We aim to contribute towards achieving this goal by relying on existing and well-known Web standards used in the programmable Web (e.g., URI, and HTTP) and the semantic Web (e.g., RDF), in order to enable the Web integration of Robot Operating System (ROS) devices. In particular, we motivate the problem of integrating ROS devices in Web environments, elaborate on the integration potential, and describe specific application examples. We provide a mapping between ROS and REST concepts and interaction primitives. In addition, we show how REST is capable to enhance a mapping of the ROS architecture in terms of complex resources and hypermedia. The contributions described in this paper pave the way towards realising a WoT, where ROS devices can be easily accessed and directly integrated by using standard Web technologies, without additional custom implementation effort or having to add intermediate communication layers.
Organization Units (connected with the publication): Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
URL: https://ceur-ws.org/Vol-1359/paper2.pdf
ISSN: 16130073
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