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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Anisotropy Invariant Reynolds Stress Model and Its Application to Fully Developed Channel FlowsBreuer, Michael ; Ray, S.; Kumar, V.; Jovanović, J.; Durst, Franz
2009Anisotropy invariant reynolds stress model of turbulence (airsm) and its application to attached and separated wall-Bounded flowsKumar, Virat vijay; Frohnapfel, Bettina; Jovanović, Jovan; Breuer, Michael ; Zuo, W.; Hadzić, I.; Lechner, R.
May-2006Anisotropy-invariant mapping of turbulence in a flow past an unswept airfoil at high angle of attackJoviĉić, Nikola; Breuer, Michael ; Jovanović, J.
2018Application and Extension of a Synthetic Turbulence Inflow Generator Within a Hybrid LES-URANS MethodologySchmidt, Stephan; Breuer, Michael 
2009Application of a unique eddy-viscosity model for a hybrid LES-RANS methodBreuer, Michael ; Jaffrézic, Benoit
Jan-2010Application of an anisotropy resolving algebraic Reynolds stress model within a hybrid LES-RANS methodBreuer, Michael ; Aybay, Orhan; Jaffrézic, Benoit
2008Application of an explicit algebraic Reynolds stress model within a hybrid LES-RANS methodJaffrézic, Benoit; Breuer, Michael 
Sep-2000Application of LES and DNS to complex turbulent flowsBreuer, Michael ; Bartels, Christian
Dec-2022Assessment of discrete wind gust parameters: Towards the worst-case scenario of a FSI application in form of an inflated hemisphereDe Nayer, Guillaume ; Breuer, Michael 
2011Assessment of eddy resolving techniques for the flow over periodically arranged hills up to Re=37,000Manhart, Michael; Rapp, Christoph; Peller, Nikolaus; Breuer, Michael ; Aybay, Orhan; Denev, Jordan A.; Falconi, Carlos J.
9-Oct-2021Assessment of two wind gust injection methods: Field velocity vs. split velocity methodBoulbrachene, Khaled ; De Nayer, Guillaume ; Breuer, Michael 
May-2004Backward-facing step flows for various expansion ratios at low and moderate Reynolds numbersBiswas, Gautam; Breuer, Michael ; Durst, Franz
2007Boundary conditions for LESBreuer, Michael 
2020Breakup of Agglomerates in Turbulent Flows: An Euler-Lagrange LES StudyBreuer, Michael ; Khalifa, Ali Ahmad 
2000Comparison between Direct Numerical Simulation and k–ε–Model Prediction of the Flow in a Vessel Stirred by a Rushton TurbineBartels, Christian; Breuer, Michael ; Durst, Franz
2002Comparison of C–Space and P–Space Particle Tracing Schemes on High–Performance Computers: Accuracy and PerformanceSchäfer, Frank; Breuer, Michael 
2003Comparison of DES, RANS and LES for the separated flow around a flat plate at high incidenceBreuer, Michael ; Joviĉić, Nikola; Mazaev, K.
2001Comparison of measurements and numerical simulations of melt convection in Czochralski crystal growth of siliconEnger, Sven; Gräbner, Oliver; Müller, Georg; Breuer, Michael ; Durst, Franz
2004Comparison of Two Large–Eddy Simulations for a Stalled Airfoil Flow Using Different Finite–Volume FormulationsJoviĉić, Nikola; Evans, G.; Breuer, Michael ; Friedrich, Rainer
2016Complementary Experimental-Numerical Investigation of the Flow past a Rigid and a Flexible Hemisphere in Turbulent Flow : Part II: Numerical SimulationsBreuer, Michael ; Wood, Jens Nikolas ; De Nayer, Guillaume