Title: The viscosity of dilute water vapor revisited: New reference values from experiment and theory for temperatures between (250 and 2500) K
Authors: Hellmann, Robert 
Vogel, Eckhard
Language: eng
Issue Date: 10-Dec-2015
Document Type: Article
Journal / Series / Working Paper (HSU): Journal of chemical & engineering data
Volume: 60
Issue: 12
Page Start: 3600
Page End: 3605
Previously reported as well as unpublished experimental data for the viscosity of dilute water vapor in the temperature range from (297 to 528) K, which were obtained using an oscillating-disk viscometer, have been re-evaluated and extrapolated to the limit of zero density. The relative combined expanded (k = 2) uncertainty of the re-evaluated data is 0.2 % at room temperature (297 K to 302 K), 0.4 % at higher temperatures up to 450 K, and 1.0 % at temperatures above 450 K. The classical kinetic theory of molecular gases has been applied to compute the viscosity in the limit of zero density for temperatures between (250 and 2500) K using a highly accurate ab initio potential for the H₂O molecule pair. In the temperature range from (311 to 438) K, the experimental zero-density data differ by only about +0.1 % from the calculated values. A new correlation for the zero-density limit, based on both the experimental data and the theoretically calculated values, is proposed. The relative combined expanded (k = 2) uncertainty of the correlation is estimated to be 0.4 % between (300 and 500) K, increasing to 0.8 % at 250 K and 2.0 % at 2500 K. The new correlation represents a significant improvement over the current IAPWS zero-density correlation.
Organization Units (connected with the publication): Universität Rostock
ISSN: 00219568
Publisher DOI: 10.1021/acs.jced.5b00599
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