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Hellmann, Robert
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Dr. Robert Hellmann
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s) 
112-Mar-2020Zero-Density Limit of the Residual Entropy Scaling of Transport PropertiesBell, Ian H.; Hellmann, Robert ; Harvey, Allan H.
228-Nov-2017Virial coefficients of anisotropic hard solids of revolution: The detailed influence of the particle geometryHerold, Elisabeth; Hellmann, Robert ; Wagner, Joachim
31-Jun-2018Update: Reference Correlation for the Viscosity of Ethane [J. Phys. Chem. Ref. Data 44, 043101 (2015)]Herrmann, Sebastian; Hellmann, Robert ; Vogel, Eckhard
418-Jun-2017Transport properties of dilute D₂O vapour from first principlesHellmann, Robert ; Bich, Eckard
514-Jun-2007Transport properties of asymmetric-top moleculesDickinson, A. S.; Hellmann, Robert ; Bich, E.; Vogel, E.
628-Apr-2021Thermophysical properties of low-density neon gas from highly accurate first-principles calculations and dielectric-constant gas thermometry measurementsHellmann, Robert ; Gaiser, Christof; Fellmuth, Bernd; Vasyltsova, Tatjana; Bich, Eckard
724-Apr-2019Thermophysical Properties of Gaseous H₂S-N₂ Mixtures from First-Principles CalculationsHellmann, Robert 
812-Apr-2012Thermophysical properties of dilute hydrogen sulfide gasHellmann, Robert ; Bich, Eckard; Vogel, Eckhard; Vesovic, Velisa
92022Thermodynamic properties of krypton from Monte Carlo simulations using ab initio potentialsStröker, Philipp; Hellmann, Robert ; Meier, Karsten 
10Jun-2022Thermodynamic properties of argon from Monte Carlo simulations using ab initio potentialsStröker, Philipp; Hellmann, Robert ; Meier, Karsten 
112-Oct-2019Thermal Conductivity via Entropy Scaling: An Approach That Captures the Effect of Intramolecular Degrees of FreedomHopp, Madlen; Mele, Julia; Hellmann, Robert ; Gross, Joachim
1210-Dec-2015The viscosity of dilute water vapor revisited: New reference values from experiment and theory for temperatures between (250 and 2500) KHellmann, Robert ; Vogel, Eckhard
1320-Jul-2011The Kirkwood correlation factor of dense methanol as a function of temperature and pressure under isochoric conditions and its statistical mechanical treatmentCrusius, Johann Philipp; Hellmann, Robert ; Heintz, Andreas
14Feb-2021Systematic formulation of thermodynamic properties in the NpT ensembleStröker, Philipp; Hellmann, Robert ; Meier, Karsten 
151-Jul-2009Synthesis, structure, and bonding of weakly coordinating anions based on CN adductsBernsdorf, Arne; Brand, Harald; Hellmann, Robert ; Köckerling, Martin; Schulz, Axel; Villinger, Alexander; Voss, Karsten
1621-Jul-2017State-of-the-art ab initio potential energy curve for the xenon atom pair and related spectroscopic and thermophysical propertiesHellmann, Robert ; Jäger, Benjamin; Bich, Eckard
1721-Mar-2016State-of-the-art ab initio potential energy curve for the krypton atom pair and thermophysical properties of dilute krypton gasJäger, Benjamin; Hellmann, Robert ; Bich, Eckard; Vogel, Eckhard
1815-Feb-2019Self-diffusion coefficient and viscosity of methane and carbon dioxide via molecular dynamics simulations based on new ab initio-derived force fieldsHiggoda, Ubaya A.; Hellmann, Robert ; Koller, Thomas M.; Fröba, Andreas P.
198-Feb-2018Reference Values for the Second Virial Coefficient and Three Dilute Gas Transport Properties of Ethane from a State-of-the-Art Intermolecular Potential Energy SurfaceHellmann, Robert 
2013-Aug-2020Reference Values for the Cross Second Virial Coefficients and Dilute Gas Binary Diffusion Coefficients of the Systems (H₂O + O₂) and (H₂O + Air) from First PrinciplesHellmann, Robert