Prof. Dr. Sven Knoth

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Univ.-Prof. Dr.
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Knoth, Sven
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Prof. Dr. Sven Knoth
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s) 
12018The steady-state behavior of multivariate exponentially weighted moving average control chartsKnoth, Sven  
22016The Case against the use of synthetic control chartsKnoth, Sven  
32018Steadystate ARL analysis of ARLunbiased EWMARZ control chart monitoring the ratio of two normal variablesPhuc Tran, Kim; Knoth, Sven  
42019Riskadjusted CUSUM charts under model errorKnoth, Sven  ; Wittenberg, Philipp  ; Gan, Fah Fatt
52015On the Validity and Statistical Significance of HEMP Test StandardsFichte, Lars Ole ; Knoth, Sven  ; Potthast, Stefan; Sabath, Frank; Stiemer, Marcus 
62018On ARL-Unbiased Charts to Monitor the Traffic Intensity of a Single Server QueueMorais, Manuel Cabral; Knoth, Sven  
72018On ARL-unbiased c-charts for INAR(1) Poisson countsPaulino, Sofia; Morais, Manuel Cabral; Knoth, Sven  
82018New Results for Two-Sided CUSUM-Shewhart Control ChartsKnoth, Sven  
92015EWMA p charts under sampling by variablesKnoth, Sven  ; Steinmetz, Sebastian
102015EWMA p charts for detecting changes in mean or scale of normal variatesKnoth, Sven  ; Steinmetz, Sebastian
112016Evaluation of Phase I analysis scenarios on Phase II performance of control charts for autocorrelated observationsDasemir, Erdi; Weiß, Christian H. ; Testik, Murat Caner; Knoth, Sven  
122020Dating the start of the US house price bubble: an application of statistical process controlBerlemann, Michael ; Freese, Julia; Knoth, Sven  
132017ARL Numerics for MEWMA ChartsKnoth, Sven  
142016Application of generalized linear models to evaluate nuclear EMP testsFichte, Lars Ole ; Knoth, Sven  ; Potthast, Stefan; Schaarschmidt, Martin; Sabath, Frank; Stiemer, Marcus 
152016An ARL‐unbiased c‐chartPaulino, Sofia; Morais, Manuel Cabral; Knoth, Sven  
162018An ARL-unbiased thinning-based EWMA chart to monitor countsMorais, Manuel Cabral; Knoth, Sven  ; Weiß, Christian H. 
172018A simple signaling rule for variable lifeadjusted display derived from an equivalent riskadjusted CUSUM chartWittenberg, Philipp  ; Gan, Fah Fatt; Knoth, Sven  
182019A combined Shewhart-CUSUM chart with switching limitOttenstreuer, Sebastian ; Weiß, Christian H. ; Knoth, Sven