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Kukec, Marko
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Dr. Marko Kukec

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s) 
12019Regionalist populism in Croatia: The case of the Croatian Democratic Alliance of Slavonia and Baranja – HDSSBKukec, Marko 
24-Feb-2021Prime Ministers and Party Governments in Central and Eastern EuropeGrotz, Florian ; Kukec, Marko 
32020Party Leaders in Croatia: Comparing Ivo Sanader and Zoran MilanovićKukec, Marko 
431-Jan-2022Localisation of Politics and Local Electoral ParticipationKukec, Marko 
52019Intra-party conflict at grassroots: Party-councillor ideological congruence in CroatiaKukec, Marko 
62018Individuals vs. parties: Comparing MPs’ positions to the positions of their own partiesKukec, Marko ; Kocijan, Bojana; Verzicelli, Luca
72019Individual Representation and Local Party Government: Representative Behavior of Croatian and Slovenian Municipal CouncilorsKukec, Marko 
85-Sep-2021Immigration attitudes among western and eastern European MPs: social identity, economic aspects and political ideologyKocijan, Bojana; Kukec, Marko 
97-Mar-2021How Political Careers affect Prime-Ministerial Performance: Evidence from Central and Eastern EuropeGrotz, Florian ; Müller-Rommel, Ferdinand; Berz, Jan; Kroeber, Corinna; Kukec, Marko 
102016From Hard Consensus to Soft Euroscepticism: Attitudes of Croatian MPs on EU IntegrationKukec, Marko ; Kocijan, Bojana
1126-Jul-2022Cabinet Reshuffles and Prime-Ministerial Performance in Central and Eastern EuropeGrotz, Florian ; Kukec, Marko ; Kroeber, Corinna
126-Jun-2022Ask Me Something I Know: Cabinet Members in Question TimeKukec, Marko