Hagel, Michael

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Hagel, Michael


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12017Simulation based analysis of electric field distributions in small reverberation chambersBarbary, Inès ; Schiffner, Julia; Rozgic, Marco ; Hollan, Robert ; Schlie, Claas Hendrik; Storjohann, Jens ; Hagel, Michael ; Fichte, Lars Ole ; Potthast, Stefan; Schaarschmidt, Martin; Lange, Sebastian; Stiemer, Marcus 
22020Electro-quasistatic field-simulation of biological cells using balanced domain-decompositionBöhmelt, Sebastian; Kielian, Nils ; Hagel, Michael ; Stiemer, Marcus ; Henkel, Marvin-Lucas; Clemens, Markus 
32017Dependence of an OATS Site Insertion Loss on the Admitted Parameter TolerancesBarbary, Inès ; Hagel, Michael ; Stiemer, Marcus ; Pape, Rainer; Kleine-Ostmann, Thomas; Schrader, Thomas