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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A combined Shewhart-CUSUM chart with switching limitOttenstreuer, Sebastian ; Weiß, Christian H. ; Knoth, Sven  
2018A simple signaling rule for variable lifeadjusted display derived from an equivalent riskadjusted CUSUM chartWittenberg, Philipp  ; Gan, Fah Fatt; Knoth, Sven  
2018An ARL-unbiased thinning-based EWMA chart to monitor countsMorais, Manuel Cabral; Knoth, Sven  ; Weiß, Christian H. 
2016An ARL‐unbiased c‐chartPaulino, Sofia; Morais, Manuel Cabral; Knoth, Sven  
2016Application of generalized linear models to evaluate nuclear EMP testsFichte, Lars Ole ; Knoth, Sven  ; Potthast, Stefan; Schaarschmidt, Martin; Sabath, Frank; Stiemer, Marcus 
2017ARL Numerics for MEWMA ChartsKnoth, Sven  
2020Dating the start of the US house price bubbleBerlemann, Michael ; Freese, Julia; Knoth, Sven  
2016Evaluation of Phase I analysis scenarios on Phase II performance of control charts for autocorrelated observationsDasemir, Erdi; Weiß, Christian H. ; Testik, Murat Caner; Knoth, Sven  
2015EWMA p charts for detecting changes in mean or scale of normal variatesKnoth, Sven  ; Steinmetz, Sebastian
2015EWMA p charts under sampling by variablesKnoth, Sven  ; Steinmetz, Sebastian
2018Guaranteed conditional ARL performance in the presence of autocorrelationWeiß, Christian H. ; Steuer, Detlef ; Jentsch, Carsten; Testik, Murat Caner
2018New Results for Two-Sided CUSUM-Shewhart Control ChartsKnoth, Sven  
2018On ARL-unbiased c-charts for INAR(1) Poisson countsPaulino, Sofia; Morais, Manuel Cabral; Knoth, Sven  
2018On ARL-Unbiased Charts to Monitor the Traffic Intensity of a Single Server QueueMorais, Manuel Cabral; Knoth, Sven  
2015On the Validity and Statistical Significance of HEMP Test StandardsFichte, Lars Ole ; Knoth, Sven  ; Potthast, Stefan; Sabath, Frank; Stiemer, Marcus 
2019Riskadjusted CUSUM charts under model errorKnoth, Sven  ; Wittenberg, Philipp  ; Gan, Fah Fatt
2018Steadystate ARL analysis of ARLunbiased EWMARZ control chart monitoring the ratio of two normal variablesPhuc Tran, Kim; Knoth, Sven  
2016The Case against the use of synthetic control chartsKnoth, Sven  
2018The steady-state behavior of multivariate exponentially weighted moving average control chartsKnoth, Sven  
1-Aug-2020Time for data science to professionaliseSteuer, Detlef