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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Jan-2020On agent-based decentralized and integrated scheduling for small-scale manufacturingGehlhoff, Felix ; Fay, Alexander  
2016Ontology and life cycle of knowledge for ICS security assessmentsTebbe, Christopher; Niemann, Karl-Heinz; Fay, Alexander  
1-Jul-2020Ontology Building for Cyber-Physical Systems: Application in the Manufacturing DomainHildebrandt, Constantin ; Köcher, Aljosha ; Kustner, Christof; Lopez-Enriquez, Carlos Manuel; Muller, Andreas W.; Caesar, Birte ; Gundlach, Claas Steffen ; Fay, Alexander  
2015Open Energy Exchange - A new way of social networkingLinnenberg, Tobias ; Kaisers, Michael; Fay, Alexander  
2013Operationalized definitions of non-functional requirements on automated production facilities to measure evolution effects with an automation systemLadiges, Jan ; Haubeck, Christopher; Fay, Alexander  
2018Optimal path-finding in a context-aware workflow support system for process and automation engineering of plantsGhobadi-Bigvand, Pouria ; Fay, Alexander  
2017Optimierung von AuktionsmechanismenGehlhoff, Felix ; Linnenberg, Tobias ; Fay, Alexander  
2013[Patentschrift] [EN] Method And System For Determining Critical Information InterfacesFay, Alexander  ; Gellermann, Alexander ; Jäger, Tobias 
2013[Patentschrift] [EN] System and method for the automatic verification of planning resultsFay, Alexander  ; Drath, Rainer
2015Potential of Dynamically Adaptable Simulation Models for Virtual CommissioningPuntel Schmidt, Philipp; Fay, Alexander  
2015Potential of Dynamically Adaptable Simulation Models for Virtual CommissioningPuntel Schmidt, Philipp; Köslin, Fabian; Fay, Alexander  
2013Principles, viewpoints and effect links in the engineering of automated plantsSchröck, Sebastian; Zimmer, Florian; Holm, Thomas ; Fay, Alexander  
2016Real-time Image Processing Based Deflagration Detection and LocalisationErnst, Tobias ; Fay, Alexander  ; Kümmerlen, Felix
2017Reasoning on Engineering KnowledgeHildebrandt, Constantin ; Glawe, Matthias ; Müller, Andreas W.; Fay, Alexander  
2015Regelungstechnisches Kolloquium in BoppardFay, Alexander  
2016Ein Reifegradmodell für Engineering-DatenPuntel Schmidt, Philipp; Goß, Michel; Fay, Alexander  ; Bertsch, Henning; Welling, Berthold; Marek, Frank
2016Requirements engineering and modelling for building automation systemsGünther, Michelle ; Scholz, André ; Puntel Schmidt, Philipp; Fay, Alexander  ; Diekhake, Patrick; Fuentes, Damian Eduardo Diaz; Becker, Uwe
Open Access2017Schnelle Stromregelung von Drehstrom-Lichtbogenöfen mit Halbleiter-StufenschalternSchnack, Hendrik 
2015Selected challenges of software evolution for automated production systemsVogel-Heuser, Birgit; Feldmann, Stefan; Folmer, Jens; Ladiges, Jan ; Fay, Alexander  ; Lity, Sascha; Tichy, Matthias; Kowal, Matthias; Schaefer, Ina; Haubeck, Christopher; Lamersdorf, Winfried; Kehrer, Timo; Getir, S.; Ulbrich, Mattias; Klebanov, Vladimir; Beckert, Bernhard
2015Semantic description of process modulesObst, Michael; Holm, Thomas ; Kreft, Sven; Hempen, Ulrich; Albers, Thomas; Fay, Alexander  ; Urbas, Leon