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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20152D fresnel diffraction approach for wind turbine forward scatteringRaza, Muhammad Bilal ; Fickenscher, Thomas 
20183.2 : 1 GBaud Continuous Variable Quantum Key Distribution Using Pilot Tone Assisted Heerodyne DetectionRückmann, Max ; Kleis, Sebastian ; Schäffer, Christian G.  
2015A comprehensive understanding of the forward scattering of radar signals at the rotor of a wind turbineFickenscher, Thomas ; Raza, Muhammad Bilal 
2013A Wearable system for real time swimmers feedback based on visible light communicationHagem, Rabee M.; Thiel, David V.; O'Keefe, Steven G.; Fickenscher, Thomas 
2016Analytical investigation of diffraction at multiple blades of wind turbine rotorFickenscher, Thomas ; Raza, Muhammad Bilal 
2014Architectures of Coherent Receivers for Optical Quantum CommunicationsKleis, Sebastian ; Schäffer, Christian G.  
2016Autofocus performance on multi channel SAS images in the presence of overlapping phase centersHerter, Ulrich ; Schmaljohann, Holger; Fickenscher, Thomas 
2016Coexistence of PSK quantum key distribution and WDM channels in opitical transmission systemsKleis, Sebastian ; Schäffer, Christian G.  
2015Coherent receiver architectures for secure key distribution using faint optical multilevel signalsKleis, Sebastian ; Herschel, Reinhold; Schäffer, Christian G.  
2017Comparison of frequency estimation methods for heterodyne quantum communicationsKleis, Sebastian ; Schäffer, Christian G.  
2017Continuous variable quantum key distribution with a real local oscillator using simultaneous pilot signalsKleis, Sebastian ; Rückmann, Max ; Schäffer, Christian G.  
2016Design of Coherent Receivers for Quantum CommunicationSchäffer, Christian G.  ; Kleis, Sebastian 
2013Evaluation of correlation detector for ship detection with HF radarGupta, Anshu ; Fickenscher, Thomas 
2013Evaluative comparison of clutter canceller beamformer and amplitude comparison monopulse estimation scheme in HF SWRGupta, Anshu ; Fickenscher, Thomas 
2015Experimental assessment of SU-8 optical waveguides buried in plastic substrate for optical interconnectionsHamid, Hanan H.; Fickenscher, Thomas ; Thiel, David V.
2016Heterodyne Coherent Scheme for Long Distance Quantum Key Distribution Using a Real Local OscillatorKleis, Sebastian ; Schäffer, Christian G.  
2016Impact of blade shape and pitch angle on wind turbine forward scatteringRaza, Muhammad Bilal ; Fickenscher, Thomas 
2015Impact of ground plane on wind turbine forward scatteringRaza, Muhammad Bilal ; Fickenscher, Thomas 
2019Impact of Laser Frequency Noise on a Heterodyne Continuous Variable Quantum Key Distribution SystemRückmann, Max ; Kleis, Sebastian ; Schäffer, Christian G.  
2013Impact of pattern distortion on clutter canceller beamformerFickenscher, Thomas ; Gupta, Anshu ; Ludwig, P.; Raza, Muhammad Bilal