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2013Analysis of potential instabilities in agent-based smart grid control systemsLinnenberg, Tobias ; Wior, Ireneus; Fay, Alexander 
2018Automated transportation systems subject to interruptions in production and intralogistics: a survey and evaluationWior, Ireneus; Jerenz, Stefan; Fay, Alexander 
2013Control design for nodes in decentralized traffic networks with delayed traffic informationWior, Ireneus; Aligoudarz, Mohsen Mirza; Fay, Alexander 
2013Evolution of production facilities and its impact on non-functional requirementsLadiges, Jan ; Wior, Ireneus; Arroyo, Esteban ; Fay, Alexander 
2014Flexibilisierung von Automatisierungssystemen : Systematisierung der Flexibilit├Ątsanforderungen von Industrie 4.0Weyrich, Michael; Wior, Ireneus; Bchennati, D.; Fay, Alexander