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2018Coupled Simulations Involving Lightweight Structures within Turbulent Flows: A Complementary Experimental and Numerical ApplicationWüchner, Roland; De Nayer, Guillaume  ; Wood, Jens Nikolas ; Breuer, Michael  ; Apostolatos, Andreas
2014Flow past a cylinder with a flexible splitter plate: A complementary experimental-numerical investigation and a new FSI test case (FSI-PfS-1a)De Nayer, Guillaume  ; Kalmbach, Andreas ; Breuer, Michael  ; Sicklinger, Stefan; Wüchner, Roland
Feb-2012Fluid-structure interaction using a partitioned semi-implicit predictor-corrector coupling scheme for the application of large-eddy simulationBreuer, Michael  ; De Nayer, Guillaume  ; Münsch, Manuel; Gallinger, Thomas Gottfried; Wüchner, Roland
2018Numerical studies on the instantaneous fluid–structure interaction of an air-inflated flexible membrane in turbulent flowDe Nayer, Guillaume  ; Apostolatos, Andreas; Wood, Jens Nikolas ; Bletzinger, Kai Uwe; Wüchner, Roland; Breuer, Michael  
Apr-2019Systematic evaluation of the interface description for fluid–structure interaction simulations using the isogeometric mortar-based mappingApostolatos, Andreas; De Nayer, Guillaume  ; Bletzinger, Kai Uwe; Breuer, Michael  ; Wüchner, Roland