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2016Interdisziplinäre Wiederverwendung im Engineering automatisierter AnlagenSchröck, Sebastian
2013Principles, viewpoints and effect links in the engineering of automated plantsSchröck, Sebastian; Zimmer, Florian; Holm, Thomas ; Fay, Alexander  
2015Systematic interdisciplinary reuse within the engineering of automated plantsSchröck, Sebastian; Fay, Alexander  ; Jäger, Tobias 
2016Systematic reuse of interdisciplinary components supported by engineering relationsSchröck, Sebastian; Zimmer, Florian; Fay, Alexander  ; Jäger, Tobias 
2013Tool support for an automatic transformation of GRAFCET specifications into IEC 61131-3 control codeSchumacher, Frank ; Schröck, Sebastian; Fay, Alexander