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2015Analysis of SiC-MOSFETs Utilised in Hard Switching Inverter Topologies with Switching Frequencies up to 1 MHzFahlbusch, Sebastian; Müter, Ulf; Hoffmann, Klaus F. 
2017Compact 80 kW silicon carbide high voltage generatorMüter, Ulf; Hoffmann, Klaus Friedrich ; Wagner, Bernhard; Lunding, Arne
2018Compact Bidirectional GaN Buck-Boost Converter for Negative Rail Supply in Bipolar DC-GridsKlötzer, Sebastian; Fahlbusch, Sebastian; Müter, Ulf; Hoffmann, Klaus Friedrich 
2017Compact Diode-less Bidirectional GaN Based Buck Converter for Mobile DC-DC ApplicationsKlötzer, Sebastian; Müter, Ulf; Fahlbusch, Sebastian; Hoffmann, Klaus F. 
2016Comparison of Driving Concepts for Silicon Carbide Bipolar Junction TransistorsMüter, Ulf; Sammler, Christian; Fahlbusch, Sebastian; Klötzer, Sebastian; Hoffmann, Klaus Friedrich 
2016Dual-Side Ceramic Power Module for Fast Switching Silicon Carbide TransistorsMüter, Ulf; Lürkens, P.; Gracia i Tormo, Albert; Bast, Markus; Hoffmann, Klaus Friedrich ; Eisele, Ronald
2017Highly Integrated Silicon Carbide 80 kW Resonant Inverter for High Voltage Generation Switching at 500 kHzMüter, Ulf; Hoffmann, Klaus Friedrich ; Lunding, Arne; Wagner, Bernhard