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2017Cognitive functioning and emotion processing in breast cancer survivors and controlsWirkner, Janine; Weymar, Mathias; Löw, Andreas ; Hamm, Carmen; Struck, Anne-Marie; Kirschbaum, Clemens; Hamm, Alfons O.
2017Decorated objects and symmetric patternsMühlenbeck, Cordelia; Pritsch, Carla; Liebal, Katja; Jacobsen, Thomas  
2017Interference of task-specific attentional selection of global and local stimulus featuresLuna-Rodriguez, Aquiles ; Wendt, Mike ; Jacobsen, Thomas  
2017Symposium : Experimentelle Asthetik / Experimental Aesthetics (Part IIl)Jacobsen, Thomas  
2017Task switching practice does not alter conflict processingWendt, Mike ; Luna-Rodriguez, Aquiles ; Jacobsen, Thomas