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2019A Finite Volume Analysis of Thermoelectric GeneratorsPfeiffelmann, Björn; Benim, Ali Cemal; Joos, Franz 
Open Access2009Computational Analysis of Turbulent Swirling Flow in Water Model of a Gas Turbine CombustorBenim, Ali Cemal; Cagna, M.; Joos, Franz ; Nahavandi, Ali; Wiedermann, Alexander
2017Numerical investigation of turbulent swirling flames with validation in a gas turbine model combustorBenim, Ali Cemal; Iqbal, Sohail; Meier, Wolfgang; Joos, Franz ; Wiedermann, Alexander
2015Validation of Loss-Coefficient -Based Outlet Boundary Conditions for Simulating Aortic FlowBenim, Ali Cemal; Gül, Fethi; Assmann, Alexander; Akhyari, Payam; Lichtenberg, Arthur