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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Evolution of production facilities and its impact on non-functional requirementsLadiges, Jan; Wior, Ireneus; Arroyo, Esteban; Fay, Alexander 
2013First Steps from a Traffic Node to Traffic Networks – Modeling and StabilityWior, Ireneus; Ladiges, Jan; Arroyo Esquivel, Esteban; Fay, Alexander 
2014Flexibilisierung von Automatisierungssystemen : Systematisierung der Flexibilitätsanforderungen von Industrie 4.0Weyrich, Michael; Wior, Ireneus; Bchennati, D.; Fay, Alexander 
2013Keeping Pace with Changes : towards Supporting Continuous Impr ovements and Extensive Updates in Production Automation SoftwareHaubeck, Christopher; Wior, Ireneus; Braubach, Lars; Pokahr, Alexander; Ladiges, Jan; Fay, Alexander ; Lamersdorf, Winfried
1-Jan-2014Stability analysis of an agent-based smart grid control marketplaceWior, Ireneus; Linnenberg, Tobias; Fay, Alexander 
1-Jan-2012Stability criterion for a single decision-making node in decentralized material handling systemsWior, Ireneus; Roth, Patrick; Fay, Alexander 
2012Systemdynamische Konsequenzen von Mauterhebung und anderen Eingriffen in den VerkehrWior, Ireneus; Fay, Alexander