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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020MCAD2Sim: Towards automatic kinematic joints recognitionThongnuch, Suthida; Fay, Alexander  
2017Method for process modelling and analysis with regard to the requirements of Industry 4.0Lewin, Markus ; Voigtländer, Sebastian; Fay, Alexander  
Open Access2017Methoden zur simulationsbasierten Absicherung von Steuerungscode fertigungstechnischer AnlagenPuntel Schmidt, Philipp
Open Access2014Methodik zur Identifikation von technischen Abhängigkeiten anhand von Engineeringprozessen automatisierter AnlagenJäger, Tobias 
2018Methods to support the evolution of cyber physical production systemsFay, Alexander  ; Vogel-Heuser, Birgit
2017Modellbasierte Inbetriebnahme und online-Konfiguration von GebäudeautomationssystemenScholz, André ; Becker, Uwe; Fay, Alexander  
2016Multikamerasystem zum Brandschutz in militärischen FahrzeugenErnst, Tobias ; Fay, Alexander  ; Kümmerlen, Felix
2016Namur Modul Type Package - ImplementierungHolm, Thomas ; Obst, Michael; Ladiges, Jan ; Urbas, Leon; Fay, Alexander  ; Albers, Thomas; Hempen, Ulrich
28-Jan-2020On agent-based decentralized and integrated scheduling for small-scale manufacturingGehlhoff, Felix ; Fay, Alexander  
2016Ontology and life cycle of knowledge for ICS security assessmentsTebbe, Christopher; Niemann, Karl-Heinz; Fay, Alexander  
1-Jul-2020Ontology Building for Cyber-Physical Systems: Application in the Manufacturing DomainHildebrandt, Constantin ; Köcher, Aljosha ; Kustner, Christof; Lopez-Enriquez, Carlos Manuel; Muller, Andreas W.; Caesar, Birte ; Gundlach, Claas Steffen ; Fay, Alexander  
2015Open Energy Exchange - A new way of social networkingLinnenberg, Tobias ; Kaisers, Michael; Fay, Alexander  
2013Operationalized definitions of non-functional requirements on automated production facilities to measure evolution effects with an automation systemLadiges, Jan ; Haubeck, Christopher; Fay, Alexander  
2018Optimal path-finding in a context-aware workflow support system for process and automation engineering of plantsGhobadi-Bigvand, Pouria ; Fay, Alexander  
2017Optimierung von AuktionsmechanismenGehlhoff, Felix ; Linnenberg, Tobias ; Fay, Alexander  
2013[Patentschrift] [EN] Method And System For Determining Critical Information InterfacesFay, Alexander  ; Gellermann, Alexander ; Jäger, Tobias 
2013[Patentschrift] [EN] System and method for the automatic verification of planning resultsFay, Alexander  ; Drath, Rainer
2015Potential of Dynamically Adaptable Simulation Models for Virtual CommissioningPuntel Schmidt, Philipp; Fay, Alexander  
2015Potential of Dynamically Adaptable Simulation Models for Virtual CommissioningPuntel Schmidt, Philipp; Köslin, Fabian; Fay, Alexander  
2013Principles, viewpoints and effect links in the engineering of automated plantsSchröck, Sebastian; Zimmer, Florian; Holm, Thomas ; Fay, Alexander