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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Test Method for Narrowband F/TDMA-based Wireless Sensor/Actuator NetworksCammin, Christoph ; Krush, Dmytro ; Heynicke, Ralf ; Scholl, Gerd 
23-Mar-2018Test method for narrowband F/TDMA-based wireless sensor/actuator networks including radio channel emulation in severe multipath environmentsCammin, Christoph ; Krush, Dmytro ; Heynicke, Ralf ; Scholl, Gerd 
Open Access2022Testbed for Functional Safety-Relevant Wireless Communication Based on IO-Link Wireless and 5GDoebbert, Thomas Robert ; Beuster, Henry ; Scholl, Gerd ; Fischer, Florian; Merli, Dominik
2013Wi-Fi-Based Performance Analysis of TOA/TDOA Estimators by Stochastic Channel SimulationsKeunecke, Kristoph; Scholl, Gerd 
2014WSAN-FA: Wireless-Kommunikation auf der Sensor/Aktorebene auf dem Weg von der Spezifikation zur UmsetzungK√§rcher, Bernd; Heynicke, Ralf ; Scholl, Gerd