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Open Access2022Higher order space-time finite element methods on evolving and fixed domainsAnselmann, Mathias 
2013Incorporation of flexural hinge fatigue-life cycle criteria into the topological design of compliant small-scale devicesDirksen, Frank ; Anselmann, Mathias ; Zohdi, Tarek I.; Lammering, Rolf  
2019Numerical study of Galerkin-collocation approximation in time for the wave equationAnselmann, Mathias ; Bause, Markus 
2018Towards the fully dynamic system of poroelasticityBause, Markus ; Anselmann, Mathias ; Becker, S.; K√∂cher, Uwe ; Matthies, G.; Radu, Florin Adrian; Schieweck, F.