Title: Can news draw blood?
Subtitle: The impact of media coverage on the number and severity of terror attacks
Authors: Beckmann, Klaus 
Dewenter, Ralf 
Thomas, Tobias 
Language: en
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: düsseldorf university press
Document Type: Working Paper
Journal / Series / Working Paper (HSU): DICE discussion paper 
Issue: 236
Publisher Place: Düsseldorf
Using a new data set that captures the share of reporting on terrorism, we explore the nexus between terrorist attacks and the news. It turns out that terrorism mainly influences news reports through the number of incidents. Regarding the reverse causality, we provide evidence that the share of the news devoted to terrorism Granger-causes further terrorist activities. However, short-run and medium-run effects differ: media coverage on terror has no short-run impact on the number of terror attacks (two months), while it affects the severity of terror for up to ten months. These observations are consistent with the idea of competition between terrorist groups.
Organization Units (connected with the publication): Präsident*in 
VWL, insb. Industrieökonomik 
URL: https://ub.hsu-hh.de/DB=1.8/XMLPRS=N/PPN?PPN=872465225
ISBN: 978-3-86304-235-6
Appears in Collections:2016

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