Title: Methodological Reflections on Practice Oriented Theories
Language: en
Issue Date: 2017
Editors: Jonas, Michael
Littig, Beate
Wroblewski, Angela
Publisher: Springer
Document Type: Book
Publisher Place: Cham
This volume presents a comprehensive overview of methodological issues and empirical methods of practice-oriented research. It examines questions regarding the scope and boundaries of practice-oriented approaches and practice theory. It discusses the potential advantages and disadvantages of the diversity resulting from the use of these approaches, as well as method and methodology-related issues. The specific questions explored in this volume are: What consequences are linked to the application of a praxeological perspective in empirical research when it comes to the choice of methods? Is there such a thing as an ideal path to follow in praxeological empirical research? What relationship is there between qualitative and quantitative approaches? What differentiates practice-based social research from other perspectives and approaches such as discourse analysis or hermeneutics? The contributions in this book discuss these questions either from a methodological point of view or from a reflective perspective on empirical research practices
Chapter 1. Introduction; Michael Jonas, Beate Littig and Angela Wroblewski -- Part I. Methodologies and Methodological Aspects of Practice Theories -- Chapter 2. Sociology of Social Practices: Theory or Modus Operandi of Empirical Research; Robert Schmidt.- Chapter 3. Practice Theory as a Package of Theory, Methods and Vocabulary: Affordances and Limitations; Davide Nicolini -- Chapter 4. Relationality and Heterogeneity: Transitive Methodology in Practice Theory and Actor-Network Theory; Hilmar Schäfer -- Chapter 5. Conducting Ethnography with a Sensibility for Practice; Michal Sedlacko -- Part II. Conceptualisation of the Individual and of the Body in Practice-Oriented Empirical Research -- Chapter 6. Embodying Practices: The Human Body as a Matter (of Concern) in Social Thought; Jörg Niewöhner and Stefan Beck ( ) -- Chapter 7. (Re)configuring Actors in Practice; Anna Pichelstorfer -- Chapter 8. White-Collar Bodywork: Practice Centrism and the Materiality of Knowledge Work; Stefan Laube -- Chapter 9. Personal Metrics: Methodological Considerations of a Praxiographical Approach; Marianne de Laet -- Part III. Empirical Practice Theory Oriented Case Studies -- Chapter 10. Beyond the Bodys Skin. Describing the Embodiment of Practices; Sophie Merit Müller -- Chapter 11. Making Sense of Noise: Practice-oriented Approach to Sound; Kai Ginkel -- Chapter 12. Combining Methods in Practice-Oriented Research; Beate Littig and Michaela Leitner -- Chapter 13. Understanding Everyday Kitchen Life: Looking of at Performances, into Performances and for Practices; Lydia Martens and Sue Scott -- Chapter 14. Questioning the Gold Standard Thinking in Qualitative Methods from a Practice Theoretical Perspective: Towards Methodological Multiplicity; Bente Halkier -- Chapter 15. Creativity at Work: Methodological Challenges for a Praxeological Research Program; Hannes Krämer -- Chapter 16. How Biologists Meet; Sarah Maria Schönbauer -- Chapter 17. Mobile Practices, Mobile Methods and Beyond: Studying Railway Mobility Using Lefebvres Theory of Space; Silvia Rief -- Chapter 18. Object, Perspectives and Methodology of Praxeological Research; Michael Jonas, Beate Littig, Angela Wroblewski
Organization Units (connected with the publication): Neuere Geschichte u.d.B. der westeuropäischen Geschichte 
URL: https://ub.hsu-hh.de/DB=1.8/XMLPRS=N/PPN?PPN=1656864142
ISBN: 978-3-319-52897-7
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-52897-7
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