Title: Design of the ALPS II optical system
Authors: Diaz Ortiz, M.
Gleason, J.
Grote, H.
Hallal, A.
Hartman, M. T.
Hollis, H.
Isleif, Katharina-Sophie 
James, A.
Karan, K.
Kozlowski, T.
Lindner, A.
Messineo, G.
Mueller, G.
Põld, J. H.
Smith, R. C.G.
Spector, A. D.
Tanner, D. B.
Wei, L. W.
Willke, B.
Language: eng
Keywords: Axion search;Laser interferometry;Light-shining-through-a-wall;Optical cavities
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2022
Document Type: Article
Journal / Series / Working Paper (HSU): Physics of the Dark Universe
Volume: 35
The Any Light Particle Search II (ALPSII) is an experiment currently being built at DESY in Hamburg, Germany, that will use a light-shining-through-a-wall (LSW) approach to search for axion-like particles. ALPSII represents a significant step forward for these types of experiments as it will use 24 superconducting dipole magnets, along with dual, high-finesse, 122m long optical cavities. This paper gives the first comprehensive recipe for the realization of the idea, proposed over 30 years ago, to use optical cavities before and after the wall to increase the power of the regenerated photon signal. The experiment is designed to achieve a sensitivity to the coupling between axion-like particles and photons down to gαγγ=2×10−11GeV−1 for masses below 0.1meV, more than three orders of magnitude beyond the sensitivity of previous laboratory experiments. The layout and main components that define ALPSII are discussed along with plans for reaching design sensitivity. An accompanying paper (Hallal et al., (2021)) offers a more in-depth description of the heterodyne detection scheme, the first of two independent detection systems that will be implemented in ALPSII.
Organization Units (connected with the publication): DESY
ISSN: 2212-6864
Publisher DOI: 10.1016/j.dark.2022.100968
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