Title: The European Union as a Model for the Development of Mercosur?
Language: en
Keywords: Europäische Union;Europäisches Recht;Mercosur;EU-Politik;Governance
Issue Date: 2007
Editors: Matiaske, Wenzel  
Brunkhorst, Hauke
Grözinger, Gerd
Neves, Marcelo
Publisher: Hampp
Document Type: Book
Journal / Series / Working Paper (HSU): Schriftenreihe Zentrum und Peripherie 
Publisher Place: München,Mering
It is rarely questioned that the European Union can be considered as a model for other world regions. Comparable initiatives elsewhere are m less integrated, and up until now less successful, even if like Mercosur they are based an the European model. Although elements of the democratic rule of law in the EU are more developed than in all comparable projects and organisations, the model character of the EU is highly questionable in terms of democratic theory, and we should ask what scholars concerned with the European Union learn from similar . r experiments in other world regions. Perhaps experience from the Marcos countries with deliberative citizen democracy at e local level, the . double perspective of the still ongoing transition from a 'communalistic' to a 'normative' constitutional regime within nation states, and the simultaneous continental networking of law, economics, and policy could also be instructive for the current EU with its new problems in the realm of democracy and rights. Transcontinental social capital can only build p if the learning processes are opened in both directions.
Organization Units (connected with the publication): BWL, insb. Leadership und Labour Relations 
ISBN: 978-3-86618-112-0
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