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    Evaporation Modeling of Water Droplets in a Transonic Compressor Cascade under Fogging Conditions
    (MDPI, 2020-02)
    Seck, Adrian
    Geist, Silvio
    Harbeck, Janneck Christoph
    Weigand, Bernhard
    Joos, Franz
    High-fogging is widely used to rapidly increase the power outputs of stationary gas turbines. Therefore, water droplets are injected into the inflow air, and a considerable number enter the compressor. Within this paper, the primary process of droplet evaporation is investigated closely. A short discussion about the influential parameters ascribes a major significance to the slip velocity between ambient gas flow and droplets. Hence, experimental results from a transonic compressor cascade are shown to evaluate the conditions in real high-fogging applications. The measured parameter range is used for direct numerical simulations to extract evaporation rates depending on inflow conditions and relative humidity of the air flow. Finally, an applicable correlation for the Sherwood number in the form of Sh(Re^(1/2),Sc^(1/3)) is suggested