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    Simulation of Resonances in Power Electronic Circuits for EMC Prediction
    (2023) ;
    Rathjen, Kai-Uwe
    Landskron, Norman
    ; ;
    The use of wide-bandgap semiconductors in modern power electronics creates new challenges in EMC. These result, among other things, from high frequencies and steep switching slopes. In addition, parasitic elements of semiconductors, passive components and the printed circuit board can cause resonances, which become noticeable in oscillations. In this work, a possibility is presented to simulate resonances in a power electronic circuit. The circuit used is a series-LC resonant converter with SiC-MOSFETs. An impedance model of the resonant load is generated with consideration of parasitic elements. The accurate simulation is validated by comparison with time domain measurements. EMC measurements of conducted and radiated emissions are done. It is shown that the resonances lead to emissions which can be predicted using the time domain simulation.