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    Open Access
    Power spectroscopy with electrical reverberation chambers for EMC
    (2018-07) ; ;
    Schlie, Claas Hendrik
    Vierck, Christian
    Potthast, Stefan
    Schaarschmidt, Martin
    Sabath, Frank
    Wendt, Kai Uwe
    Critical frequencies at which electromagnetic fields couple into an electronic device can be identified by comparing the power dissipation of a loaded electromagnetic reverberation chamber to that of an unloaded one. However, working conditions that ensure the required statistical electromagnetic field distribution may also imply a bad signal-to-noise ratio for the measured dissipated power. The purpose of this work is to discuss a measurement procedure and methods for data processing that, nevertheless, allow for gaining significant information from a power spectral analysis in a reverberation chamber. This comprises methods that are based on a fit of suited parametric models for the power absorption of uni- or multi-modal resonators. Their validity has been proven by simple DUTs with previously known characteristics.