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    Robust primary protection device for weight-optimized PEM fuel cell systems in high-voltage DC power systems of aircraft
    (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2019) ;
    Storjohann, Jens
    Lücken, Arno
    ; ;
    The aviation industry pursues the integration of fuel cells (FCs) to reduce pollutant emissions. Their connection to the on-board power supply leads to new requirements for electrical grid protection. The limited short-circuit current of a weight-optimized FC system cannot trip a standard fuse. Hence, in this paper, a new protection device is developed as an under/overvoltage primary protection. The proposed device consists of three basic elements: relay; differential amplifier; and current source. This paper includes a detailed description of the protections design process, which includes a requirement analysis, a detailed robustness consideration, and an experimental validation of a developed prototype. © 1982-2012 IEEE.