Schumann, Yannis

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Schumann, Yannis
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12022Towards data-driven inference of stencils for discrete differential operatorsSchumann, Yannis ; Neumann, Philipp 
224-Nov-2021Spatial molecular profiling of a central nervous system low-grade diffusely infiltrative tumour with INI1 deficiency featuring a high-grade atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumour componentDottermusch, Matthias; Schumann, Yannis ; Kordes, Uwe; Hasselblatt, Martin; Neumann, Julia E.
3Mar-2023Robust classification using average correlations as features (ACF)Schumann, Yannis ; Neumann, Julia E.; Neumann, Philipp 
4Jun-2023On linear models for discrete operator inference in time dependent problemsSchumann, Yannis ; Neumann, Philipp