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Assadi, Hamid

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12020Solid-state additive manufacturing of porous Ti-6Al-4V by supersonic impactMoridi, Atieh; Stewart, Elizabeth J.; Wakai, Akane; Assadi, Hamid ; Gärtner, Frank ; Guagliano, Mario; Klassen, Thomas  ; Dao, Ming
25-Mar-2021Size Effects of Brittle Particles in Aerosol Deposition - Molecular Dynamics SimulationDaneshian, Bahman ; Gärtner, Frank ; Assadi, Hamid ; Höche, Daniel  ; Weber, Wolfgang ; Klassen, Thomas  
32016Process Science of Cold SprayKlassen, Thomas  ; Gärtner, Frank ; Assadi, Hamid 
42021Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Titanium Dioxide as Model System for Size Effects in Aerosol DepositionDaneshian, Bahman ; Gärtner, Frank ; Weber, Wolfgang ; Klassen, Thomas  ; Assadi, Hamid ; Höche, Daniel  
52016Modeling and Simulation of Cold SprayAssadi, Hamid ; Gärtner, Frank ; Klassen, Thomas  
62017Influence of thermal properties and temperature of substrate on the quality of cold-sprayed depositsArabgol, Z. ; Villa Vidaller, Maria Teresa ; Assadi, Hamid ; Gärtner, Frank ; Klassen, Thomas  
72015Determination of plastic constitutive properties of microparticles through single particle compressionAssadi, Hamid ; Irkhin, I.; Gutzmann, Henning ; Gärtner, Frank ; Schulze, Matthias ; Villa Vidaller, Maria Teresa ; Klassen, Thomas  
82019Comment on Adiabatic shear instability is not necessary for adhesion in cold sprayAssadi, Hamid ; Gärtner, Frank ; Klassen, Thomas  ; Kreye, Heinrich
92016Cold spraying: A materials perspectiveAssadi, Hamid ; Kreye, Heinrich; Gärtner, Frank ; Klassen, Thomas  
102019A Review of Advanced Composite and Nanostructured Coatings by Solid-State Cold Spraying ProcessLi, Wenya; Assadi, Hamid ; Gärtner, Frank ; Yin, Shuo