Kreutzmann, André

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Kreutzmann, André


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Type:  Conference Contribution
Author:  Koller, Hans

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s) 
12016Self-Organized Knowledge Creation: Communities of Prctice as Manifestations of Dynamic CapabilitiesAndresen, Florian ; Schulte, Benjamin ; Koller, Hans ; Kreutzmann, André 
22015Neue Soldaten?: wie sich die Bundeswehr auf die Generation der Digital Nativen und deren Erwartungen einstellen mussKoller, Hans ; Schulte, Benjamin ; Andresen, Florian ; Kreutzmann, André 
32016Modelling of Self-organized Structure and Culture Creation within Communities of PracticeAndresen, Florian ; Koller, Hans ; Kreutzmann, André ; Schulte, Benjamin 
42016Influence of Moderation on Communication in Communities of Practice in Hierachical OrganizationsNowak, Katharina; Koller, Hans ; Andresen, Florian ; Groß, Dominique-Pascal ; Kreutzmann, André ; Schulte, Benjamin 
52016How to Manage the Unmanageable?: Leadership in Coping With Communities of PracticeSchulte, Benjamin ; Andresen, Florian ; Koller, Hans ; Kreutzmann, André 
62016Communities of Practice: Enabler of Organizational Knowledge Creation?Kreutzmann, André ; Andresen, Florian ; Schulte, Benjamin ; Koller, Hans