Jarmatz, Piet

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Jarmatz, Piet
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s) 
12019MaMiCo: Parallel Noise Reduction for Multi-instance Molecular-Continuum Flow SimulationJarmatz, Piet ; Neumann, Philipp 
2May-2022MaMiCo: Non-local means and POD filtering with flexible data-flow for two-way coupled molecular-continuum HPC flow simulationJarmatz, Piet ; Maurer, Felix; Wittenberg, Helene ; Neumann, Philipp 
31-Dec-2022MaMiCo 2.0: An enhanced open-source framework for high-performance molecular-continuum flow simulationJarmatz, Piet ; Wittenberg, Helene ; Jafari, Vahid ; Das Sharma, Amartya ; Maurer, Felix; Wittmer, Niklas; Neumann, Philipp