Dr.-Ing. Hauke Wilken

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Wilken, Hauke
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Dr.-Ing. Hauke Wilken
Langkowski, Hauke


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s) 
12019Spectral grid impedance identification on the low-, medium- and high-voltage level: System design, realization and measurement results of grid impedance measurement devicesWilken, Hauke ; Jordan, Michael ; Schulz, Detlef  
22017Solid State Switches for Applications at Medium- and High-Voltage-LevelDo, Thanh Trung ; Jordan, Michael ; Wilken, Hauke ; Schulz, Detlef  
32018Online Network Impedance Spectrometer for the Medium-Voltage LevelJordan, Michael ; Grumm, Florian ; Kaatz, Gesa ; Meyer, Marc Florian ; Wilken, Hauke ; Schulz, Detlef  
42015Online Network Impedance Idendification with Wave-Package and Inter-Harmonic SignalsJordan, Michael ; Grumm, Florian ; Wilken, Hauke ; Do, Thanh Trung ; Schulz, Detlef  
52016Novel grid impedance measurement setups in electrical power systemsDo, Thanh Trung ; Jordan, Michael ; Wilken, Hauke ; Schulz, Detlef  
62015Netzimpedanzmessung in Nieder- und Mittelspannungsnetzen zur verbesserten Netzintegration erneuerbarer EnergieanlagenWilken, Hauke 
72018Development of an Antiserial Super Cascode for the Determination of the Grid Impedance on the Medium-Voltage LevelWilken, Hauke ; Möbius, Patrick ; Jordan, Michael ; Do, Thanh Trung ; Schulz, Detlef