Schwaninger, Manuel

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Schwaninger, Manuel


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s) 
12017Solidarity with Third Players in Exchange Networs: An Intercultural ComparisonKittel, Bernhard; Neuhofer, Sabine; Schwaninger, Manuel ; Yang, Guanzhong; Traub, Stefan  
22017Recognition of needs in a dictator gameNeuhofer, Sabine; Traub, Stefan  ; Paetzel, Fabian ; Schwaninger, Manuel 
32017Offers Beyond the Negotiating Dyad: Including the Excluded in a Network Exchange ExperimentSchwaninger, Manuel ; Neuhofer, Sabine; Kittel, Bernhard
42017Need-based Justice in Social Exchange NetworksKittel, Bernhard; Schwaninger, Manuel ; Neuhofer, Sabine; Traub, Stefan  
52017Conditional Altruism in Bilateral BargainingSchwaninger, Manuel