Arroyo Esquivel, Esteban

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Arroyo Esquivel, Esteban
Arroyo, Esteban


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12016Topologiemodelle in AutomationML: Grundlage für die Automatisierung der AutomatisierungHoernicke, Mario; Messinger, Christian; Arroyo Esquivel, Esteban ; Fay, Alexander  
22015Supporting plant disturbance analysis by dynamic causal digraphs and propagation look-up tablesArroyo, Esteban ; Fay, Alexander  ; Chioua, Moncef; Hoernicke, Mario
32015Learning material flow models for manufacturing plants from data tracesLadiges, Jan ; Fülber, Alexander; Arroyo, Esteban ; Fay, Alexander  ; Haubeck, Christopher; Lamersdorf, Winfried
42015Knowledge-based selection of principle solutions for sensors and actuators based on standardized plant description and semantic conceptsRiedel, Maik ; Arroyo, Esteban ; Fay, Alexander  
52015Integrating plant and process information as a basis for automated plant diagnosis tasksArroyo Esquivel, Esteban ; Fay, Alexander  ; Chioua, Moncef; Hoernicke, Mario
62013Evolution of production facilities and its impact on non-functional requirementsLadiges, Jan ; Wior, Ireneus; Arroyo, Esteban ; Fay, Alexander  
7Open Access2017Capturing and Exploiting Plant Topology and Process Information as a Basis to Support Engineering and Operational Activities in Process PlantsArroyo Esquivel, Esteban 
82016Automatische Analyse und Erkennung graphischer Inhalte von SVG-basierten Engineering-DokumentenHoang, Xuan Luu ; Arroyo Esquivel, Esteban ; Fay, Alexander  
92015Automatic detection and recognition of structural and connectivity objects in SVG-coded engineering documentsArroyo, Esteban ; Hoang, Xuan-Luu ; Fay, Alexander  
102016Automatic derivation of qualitative plant simulation models fromlegacy piping and instrumentation diagramsArroyo Esquivel, Esteban ; Hoernicke, Mario; Rodriguez Carrion, Pablo; Fay, Alexander