Warm, Stephanie

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Warm, Stephanie
Academic degree (DTEC)

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s) 
12018Water remunicipalisation in Berlin and ParisBauby, Pierre; Hecht, Christa; Warm, Stephanie 
22018Role and Performance of Major Public Enterprises in Germany in Terms of their Strategic Relevance and SpecifityWarm, Stephanie ; Schaefer, Christina ; Friedländer, Benjamin 
3Open Access2015Risk Reporting in Authorities - a Comparative Analysis between Germany and the USAHoffmann, Patrick; Warm, Stephanie 
42015Major public enterprises in GermanySchaefer, Christina ; Warm, Stephanie 
52016Investitionsmanagement im speziellen Kontext gemischtwirtschaftlicher UnternehmenSchaefer, Christina ; Warm, Stephanie 
62015Financial instruments and socially effective tariff calculations for public servicesSchaefer, Christina ; Warm, Stephanie