Prof. Dr. Gabriel Frahm

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Univ.-Prof. Dr.
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Frahm, Gabriel
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Prof. Dr. Gabriel Frahm

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s) 
12015Tylers M-Estimator in High-Dimensional Financial-Data AnalysisFrahm, Gabriel ; Jaekel, Uwe
22015Tyler's M-Estimator in High-Dimensional Financial-Data AnalysisFrahm, Gabriel ; Jaekel, Uwe
32019The outperformance probability of mutual fundsFrahm, Gabriel ; Huber, Ferdinand
42018The Likelihood-Ratio Test for V-HypothesesFrahm, Gabriel 
52018Statistical Properties of Estimators for the Log-Optimal PortfolioFrahm, Gabriel 
62020Statistical properties of estimators for the log-optimal portfolioFrahm, Gabriel 
72019Rational choice and strategic conflict: the subjectivistic approach to game and decision theoryFrahm, Gabriel 
82016Pricing and Valuation unter the Real-World MeasureFrahm, Gabriel 
92013Pricing and Valuation under the Real-World MeasureFrahm, Gabriel 
102018How often is the financial market going to collapse?Frahm, Gabriel 
112018How Often is the Financial Market Going to Collapse?Frahm, Gabriel 
122019Evaluating Approximate Point Forecasting of Count ProcessesHomburg, Annika ; Weiß, Christian H. ; Alwan, Layth C.; Frahm, Gabriel ; Göb, Rainer
132013Dependence of Stock Returns in Bull and Bear MarketsDobric, Jadran; Frahm, Gabriel ; Schmid, Friedrich
142018Corrigendum: "Pricing and Valuation unter the Real-World Measure"Frahm, Gabriel 
152015Cognizance vs. Ignorance in Aumann's Model of Strategic ConflictFrahm, Gabriel 
162017Arbitrage Pricing Theory in Ergodic MarketsFrahm, Gabriel 
172018Arbitrage Pricing theory in Ergodic marketsFrahm, Gabriel 
182018An Intersection-Union Test for the Sharpe RatioFrahm, Gabriel 
192018An intersection-union test for the sharpe ratioFrahm, Gabriel 
202013A Theoretical Foundation of Portfolio ResamplingFrahm, Gabriel