Dr. Christian Huber

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Huber, Christian
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Dr. Christian Huber

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s) 
12019Das Unerwartete managenGrothe-Hammer, Michael ; Huber, Christian 
22013The Sedimentation of an InstitutionSoin, Kim; Huber, Christian 
32014The risk of users' choiceJunne, Jaromir ; Huber, Christian 
42018Risiko-Management erfolgreich einführenGahrns, Christoph; Busche, Karl-Heinz; Gerhardt, Nadine ; Huber, Christian 
52016Quantification, Administrative Capacity and DemocracyHuber, Christian ; Mennicken, Andrea; Lodge, Martin; Kurunmäki, Liisa; Miller, Peter; Muniesa, Fabian; Paterson, Florence; Huber, Michael; Bora, Alfons; Scheytt, Tobias ; Noin, Arjen
62017Quantification times 16Iloga Balep, Nathalie ; Huber, Christian 
72018Pitfalls of algorithmic control and their implications for supportsystems Algorithmic control as a threat to accountabilityHuber, Christian ; Scheytt, Tobias 
82013Neue Entwicklungen im RisikomanagementHuber, Christian ; Junne, Barbara 
92014"Moral distance" in organizationsHuber, Christian ; Munro, Iain
102019Meaningful work at a distanceMüller, Monika; Huber, Christian ; Messner, Martin
112014Management Control and UncertaintySoin, Kim; Huber, Christian ; Wheatley, Sharon
122017Imagination and the Political Use of ImagesKlein, Vitor Hugo Jr.; Huber, Christian 
132017"Im fucking smart"Huber, Christian ; Scheytt, Tobias 
142016Governing arts through valuationCrepaz, Lukas; Huber, Christian ; Scheytt, Tobias 
152013Financial Scandal!! Regulation?Soin, Kim; Huber, Christian 
162019Event Risks and crisesHuber, Christian ; Scheytt, Tobias 
172015Drawing the lineGärtner, Christian ; Huber, Christian 
182018Digital transformations in healthcare professionals' workHuber, Christian ; Gärtner, Christian 
192019Academic Identity as a Discursive Resource for ResistanceLust, Michael ; Huber, Christian ; Junne, Jaromir