Prof. Dr. Schmidt-Lauff

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Univ.-Prof.‘in Dr. phil. habil.
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Schmidt-Lauff, Sabine
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Prof. Dr. Schmidt-Lauff

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Type:  Book Part
Author:  Egetenmeyer, Regina
Author:  Schmidt-Lauff, Sabine

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s) 
12017Internationalization and Professionalization in Adult Education: An IntroductionEgetenmeyer, Regina; Schmidt-Lauff, Sabine ; Boffo, Vanna
22019Das Politische in der internationalen ErwachsenenbildungSchmidt-Lauff, Sabine ; Schreiber-Barsch, Silke; Egetenmeyer, Regina
32018Academic professionalization and transnationalizationSchmidt-Lauff, Sabine ; Semrau, Franziska; Egetenmeyer, Regina