Prof. Dr. Philipp Yorck Herzberg

Academic degrees
Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil.
Full Name
Herzberg, Philipp Yorck
Credit Name
Prof. Dr. Philipp Yorck Herzberg


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s) 
12016ABO blood group antigen mismatch has an impact on outcome after allogeneic peripheral blood stem cell transplantationGrube, Matthias; Wolff, Daniel; Ahrens, Norbert; Herzberg, Philipp Yorck ; Herr, Wolfgang; Holler, Ernst
22014Actor-Partner-Interdependenz-ModellHerzberg, Philipp Yorck 
32018Assessing psychological and physical abuse from childrens perspective: Factor structure and psychometric properties of the picture-based, modularized child-report version of the Parent-Child Conflict Tactics Scale Revised (CTSPC-R)Sierau, Susan; White, Lars Otto; Klein, Annette Maria; Manly, Jody Todd; Klitzing, Kai von; Herzberg, Philipp Yorck 
42016Assessing the Need for Uniqueness: Validation of the German NfU-G scale Personality and Individual DifferenceSchumpe, Birga M.; Herzberg, Philipp Yorck ; Erb, Hans-Peter 
52018Computer-based music feature analysis mirrors human perception and can be used to measure individual music preferenceFricke, Kai; Greenberg, David M.; Rentfrow, Peter J.; Herzberg, Philipp Yorck 
62016Do Therapists Google Their Patients?: A Survey Among PsychotherapistsEichenberg, Christiane; Herzberg, Philipp Yorck 
72014DyadeHerzberg, Philipp Yorck 
82015Einfluss von Persönlichkeit auf Burnout und Work Engagement bei Assistenmzärzten in DeutschlandRana, Madiha; Czenz, Franziska; Rana, Majeed; Wildfang, Swetlana; Herzberg, Philipp Yorck 
92018Essstörungssymptome und Persönlichkeit: Implikationen für die Diagnostik aus einer NetzwerkperspektiveHerzberg, Philipp Yorck ; Wildfang, Swetlana
102017Males benefit twice: The influence of equity on affective and physical attraction in couplesQuittschalle, Janine; Herzberg, Philipp Yorck 
112014Myers-Briggs-Typenindikator (MBTI)Herzberg, Philipp Yorck 
122013Die neuen Studiengänge Psychologie an der Helmut-Schmidt-Universität/ Universität der Bundeswehr HamburgJacobsen, Thomas ; Felfe, Jörg ; Herzberg, Philipp Yorck ; Erb, Hans-Peter 
132019Olfactory dysfunction: properties of the Sniffin Sticks Screening 12 test and associations with quality of lifeHinz, Andreas; Luck, Tobias; Riedel-Heller, Steffi G.; Rolffs, Claudia; Wirkner, Kerstin; Engel, Christoph; Herzberg, Philipp Yorck 
142017On the role of dominance and nurturance in the confluence model: A personcentered approach to the prediction of sexual aggressionToche, Stefan J.; Herzberg, Philipp Yorck 
152014OptimismusHerzberg, Philipp Yorck 
162017Personality and self-reported preference for music genres and attributes in a German-speaking sampleFricke, Kai; Herzberg, Philipp Yorck 
172014Pessimismus, defensiverHerzberg, Philipp Yorck 
182017Physical and psychosocial aspects of adolescent and young adults after allogeneic hematopoietic stem-cell transplantation: Results from aprospective multicenter trialPulewka, Kirstin; Wolff, Daniel; Herzberg, Philipp Yorck ; Greinix, Hildegard; Heussner, Pia; Mumm, Friederike H. A.; von Harsdorf, Stephanie; Rieger, Kathrin; Hemmati, Philipp; Hochhaus, Andreas; Hilgendorf, Inken
192017Psychometric Properties and Validation of a German High Sensitive Person Scale (HSPS-G)Konrad, Sandra; Herzberg, Philipp Yorck 
202020Psychometric Properties of the Multidimensional Fatigue Inventory (MFI-20), Derived From Seven SamplesBrähler, Elmar; Zenger, Markus; Herzberg, Philipp Yorck ; Fink, Carolyn; Schmalbach, Bjarne; Petrowski, Katja; Hinz, Andreas; Benzing, Christian