Prof. Dr. Philipp Yorck Herzberg

Academic degrees
Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil.
Full Name
Herzberg, Philipp Yorck
Credit Name
Prof. Dr. Philipp Yorck Herzberg

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Date Issued:  [2010 TO 2019]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s) 
12017Vom Wert des Streits: Konflikte aus Sicht eines PsychologenHerzberg, Philipp Yorck 
22014Typologische Tests [DIA, PER]Herzberg, Philipp Yorck 
32016Typologische TestsHerzberg, Philipp Yorck 
42017TypologieHerzberg, Philipp Yorck 
52017The Resilient Personality Prototype: Resilience as a Self-Deception Artifact?Roth, Markus; Herzberg, Philipp Yorck 
62017Sensitive PersönlichkeitHerzberg, Philipp Yorck 
72016RSES: Rosenberg Skala zum Selbstwertgefühl (Rosenberg Self-Esteem -Scale)Herzberg, Philipp Yorck 
82014RSES Rosenberg Skala zum Selbstwertgefühl (Rosenberg Self-Esteem-Scale)Herzberg, Philipp Yorck 
92014Religious Confession and Symptom Severity: a Prospective Comparative StudyRana, Madiha; Rana, Majeed; Herzberg, Philipp Yorck 
102017Qualitative Forschung in der PersönlichkeitspsychologieRenner, Karl-Heinz; Herzberg, Philipp Yorck 
112018Psychometric properties of the Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS), derived from a large German community sampleHinz, Andreas; Conrad, Ines; Schroeter, Matthias L.; Glaesner, Heide; Brähler, Elmar; Zenger, Markus; Kocalevent, Rüya-Daniela; Herzberg, Philipp Yorck 
122016Psychometric properties and validation of a German High Sensitive Person Scale (HSPS-G): Multistudy reportKonrad, Sandra; Herzberg, Philipp Yorck 
132017Psychometric Properties and Validation of a German High Sensitive Person Scale (HSPS-G)Konrad, Sandra; Herzberg, Philipp Yorck 
142017Psychologische DiagnostikHerzberg, Philipp Yorck ; Brähler, Elmar
152017Physical and psychosocial aspects of adolescent and young adults after allogeneic hematopoietic stem-cell transplantation: Results from aprospective multicenter trialPulewka, Kirstin; Wolff, Daniel; Herzberg, Philipp Yorck ; Greinix, Hildegard; Heussner, Pia; Mumm, Friederike H. A.; von Harsdorf, Stephanie; Rieger, Kathrin; Hemmati, Philipp; Hochhaus, Andreas; Hilgendorf, Inken
162014Pessimismus, defensiverHerzberg, Philipp Yorck 
172016PessimismusHerzberg, Philipp Yorck 
182017Persönlichkeit, Burnout und Work Engagement: Eine Einführung für Psychotherapeuten und Angehörige gefährdeter BerufsgruppenSisolefsky, Franziska; Rana, Madiha; Herzberg, Philipp Yorck 
192015Personality Prototypes in Older AdulthoodHerzberg, Philipp Yorck ; Roth, Markus
202017Personality and self-reported preference for music genres and attributes in a German-speaking sampleFricke, Kai; Herzberg, Philipp Yorck