Prof. Dr. Philipp Yorck Herzberg

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Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil.
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Herzberg, Philipp Yorck
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Prof. Dr. Philipp Yorck Herzberg

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s) 
12016Typologische TestsHerzberg, Philipp Yorck 
22017TypologieHerzberg, Philipp Yorck 
32017Sensitive PersönlichkeitHerzberg, Philipp Yorck 
42016RSES: Rosenberg Skala zum Selbstwertgefühl (Rosenberg Self-Esteem -Scale)Herzberg, Philipp Yorck 
52014RSES Rosenberg Skala zum Selbstwertgefühl (Rosenberg Self-Esteem-Scale)Herzberg, Philipp Yorck 
62017Qualitative Forschung in der PersönlichkeitspsychologieRenner, Karl-Heinz; Herzberg, Philipp Yorck 
72016Psychometric properties and validation of a German High Sensitive Person Scale (HSPS-G): Multistudy reportKonrad, Sandra; Herzberg, Philipp Yorck 
82016PessimismusHerzberg, Philipp Yorck 
92015Personality Prototypes in Older AdulthoodHerzberg, Philipp Yorck ; Roth, Markus
102016Myer-Briggs-Typenindikator (MBTI): TestHerzberg, Philipp Yorck 
112018Kommentar : [ zu] 3.15 Intellektuelle LeistungseinschränkungenWildfang, Swetlana; Herzberg, Philipp Yorck 
122013KlassifikationStieglitz, R.-D.; Herzberg, Philipp Yorck 
132016Dyadic coping in German CouplesHerzberg, Philipp Yorck ; Sierau, Susan
142018Article 2: Computer-based music feature analysis mirrors human perception and can be used to measure music preferenceFricke, Kai; Greenberg, David M.; Rentfrow, Peter J.; Herzberg, Philipp Yorck 
152018Article 1: Personality and self-reported preference for music attributesFricke, Kai; Herzberg, Philipp Yorck 
162018Articel 3: Assessing music preference from actual listening behavior: Data from over 1 million users and over 200,000 songsFricke, Kai; Greenberg, David M.; Rentfrow, Peter J.; Herzberg, Philipp Yorck