Prof. Dr. Thomas Jacobsen

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Academic degrees
Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer nat. habil., Dipl.-Psych.
Full Name
Jacobsen, Thomas
Credit Name
Prof. Dr. Thomas Jacobsen

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s) 
12014Why we like to watch sad films: the pleasure of being moved in aesthetic experiencesHanich, Julian; Wagner, Valentin; Shah, Mira; Jacobsen, Thomas ; Menninghaus, Winfried
22019What Are Aesthetic Emotions?Menninghaus, Winfried; Wagner, Valentin; Wassiliwizky, Eugen; Schindler, Ines; Hanich, Julian; Jacobsen, Thomas ; Koelsch, Stefan
3Open AccessJan-2009Violation of expectation: neural correlates reflect bases of predictionBubic, Andreja; von Cramon, D. Yves; Jacobsen, Thomas ; Schröger, Erich; Schubotz, Ricarda I.
42014Utility-Based Early Modulation of Processing Distracting Stimulus InformationWendt, Mike; Luna-Rodriguez, Aquiles ; Jacobsen, Thomas 
52018Utility dependent processing of distractor information and reduction of distractor interference over timeGillich, Imke; Wendt, Mike; Jacobsen, Thomas 
62019The time course of distractor-based response activation with predictable and unpredictable target onsetJost, Kerstin; Wendt, Mike; Luna-Rodriguez, Aquiles ; Löw, Andreas ; Jacobsen, Thomas 
72018The posterior sustained negativity Revisited-An SPN reanalysis of Jacobsen and Höfel (2003)Jacobsen, Thomas ; Klein, Stina; Löw, Andreas 
82017The emotional power of poetryWassiliwizky, Eugen; Koelsch, Stefan; Wagner, Valentin; Jacobsen, Thomas ; Menninghaus, Winfried
92017The emotional and aesthetic powers of parallelistic dictionMenninghaus, Winfried; Wagner, Valentin; Wassiliwizky, Eugen; Jacobsen, Thomas ; Knoop, Christine A.
102017The distancing-embracing model of the enjoyment of negative emotions in art receptionMenninghaus, Winfried; Wagner, Valentin; Hanich, Julian; Wassiliwizky, Eugen; Jacobsen, Thomas 
112017Tears falling on goosebumpsWassiliwizky, Eugen; Jacobsen, Thomas ; Heinrich, Jan; Schneiderbauer, Manuel; Menninghaus, Winfried
122016Task-specific preparation of attentional set and task sequence-specific adjustment of response cautionWendt, Mike; Luna-Rodriguez, Aquiles ; Kähler, Svantje ; Jacobsen, Thomas 
132017Task switching practice does not alter conflict processingWendt, Mike; Luna-Rodriguez, Aquiles ; Jacobsen, Thomas 
142018Target–distractor congruency: sequential effects in a temporal flanker taskTomat, Miriam ; Wendt, Mike; Luna-Rodriguez, Aquiles ; Sprengel, Michael ; Jacobsen, Thomas 
152018Symposium: Experimentelle Asthetik / Experimental Aesthetics I00/0030Jacobsen, Thomas ; Hübner, Ronald
162017Symposium : Experimentelle Asthetik / Experimental Aesthetics (Part l): Time: Monday, 27/mar/2017: 8:40am - 10:00 am - Location: HS 403Jacobsen, Thomas 
172017Symposium : Experimentelle Asthetik / Experimental Aesthetics (Part IIl): Time: Monday, 27/mar/2017: 3:00pm - 4:20pm - Location: HS 403Jacobsen, Thomas 
182019Symmetry Is Not a Universal Law of BeautyLeder, Helmut; Tinio, Pablo P. L.; Brieber, David; Kröner, Tonio; Jacobsen, Thomas ; Rosenberg, Raphael
192017Strategic control over extent and timing of distractor-based response activationJost, Kerstin; Wendt, Mike; Luna-Rodriguez, Aquiles ; Löw, Andreas ; Jacobsen, Thomas 
202017Stability and variability in aesthetic experienceJacobsen, Thomas ; Beudt, Susan