Dr. Angela Kornau

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Kornau, Angela
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Dr. Angela Kornau
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s) 
12015Think talent – think male? A comparative case study analysis of gender inclusion in talent management practices in the German media industryFesting, Marion; Kornau, Angela ; Schäfer, Lynn
22021Richard Florida’s creative class: The Global Tolerance Index and its value for diversity and inclusion researchKornau, Angela ; Kumra, Savita
32-Sep-2020Rezension von: Jungwirth, Ingrid / Bauschke-Urban, Carola (Hg.): Gender and Diversity Studies, European Perspectives. Opladen / Berlin / Toronto: Barbara Budrich 2019Bernauer, Vanessa ; Kornau, Angela 
42015Gender-specific preferences in global performance management: An empirical study of male and female managers in a multinational contextFesting, Marion; Knappert, Lena; Kornau, Angela 
525-Jun-2022E‐voice in the digitalised workplace. Insights from an alternative organisationBernauer, Vanessa Sandra ; Kornau, Angela 
6Jul-2022Editorial zum Schwerpunktthema: Digitalisierung der Arbeitswelt: Hindernisse und Chancen mit Blick auf Chancengleichheit, Diversität und InklusionKornau, Angela ; Bernauer, Vanessa S. ; Mucha, Anna; Rastetter, Daniela; Schmucker, Stephan
72022Contested fields of equality, diversity and inclusion at work: an institutional work lens on power relations and actors’ strategies in Germany and TurkeyKornau, Angela ; Knappert, Lena; Tatli, Ahu; Sieben, Barbara 
81-May-2020An empirical analysis of research paradigms within international human resource management: The need for more diversityKornau, Angela ; Frerichs, Ilka Marie; Sieben, Barbara 
92021Advertising, avoiding, disrupting, and tabooing: The discursive construction of diversity subjects in the Turkish contextKornau, Angela ; Knappert, Lena; Duygu, Acar Erdur