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Sanders, Adam

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12015On the Design Methodology of Flexure-Based Compliant Mechanisms by Utilizing Pseudo-Rigid-Body Models with 3-DOF JointsKong, Nanxi; Sanders, Adam ; Wulfsberg, Jens Peter 
22016Mitarbeiterqualifikation in der Smart FactoryHerzog, Sebastian ; Sanders, Adam ; Redlich, Tobias ; Wulfsberg, Jens Peter 
32019Maschinelles Sehen zur Prozessüberwachung beim Mikrotiefbohren von PolymethylmethacrylatSanders, Adam 
42017Introduction to the Priority Programme SPP1476-Small Machine Tools for Small WorkpiecesWulfsberg, Jens Peter ; Redlich, Tobias ; Röhlig, Benny; Sanders, Adam ; Grimske, Silka ; Kohrs, Peter
52016Industry 4.0 implies lean manufacturing: Research activities in industry 4.0 function as enablers for lean manufacturingSanders, Adam ; Elangeswaran, Chola; Wulfsberg, Jens Peter 
62017Industry 4.0 and Lean Management - Synergy or Contradiction?Sanders, Adam ; Subramanian, Karthik R. K.; Redlich, Tobias ; Wulfsberg, Jens Peter 
72017Functional Integrated Feed-Units Based on Flexible Mechanisms in Small Machine Tools for Small WorkpiecesKong, Nanxi; Sanders, Adam ; Rösner, Malte ; Friedrich, Robert; Dirksen, Frank ; Bauma, Elisabeth; Schuster, Thomas; Lammering, Rolf  ; Wulfsberg, Jens Peter 
82018Deep hole drilling of polymethyl metacrylate with small diameters by actively compensating the hole straightness deviationSanders, Adam ; Wulfsberg, Jens Peter 
92015Concept of a correction mechanism to prevent the drift of a drill bit for micro deep hole drillingSanders, Adam ; Wulfsberg, Jens Peter 
102016A linear and lifting stage on basis of compliant mechanisms for the realisation of a correction mechanism in a machine tool to perform micro deep hole drills in a round stockSanders, Adam ; Wulfsberg, Jens Peter