Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Michael Breuer

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Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil.
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Breuer, Michael
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Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Michael Breuer
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s) 
1-Feb-1999Wall effects on heat losses from hot-wiresLange, Carlos F. ; Durst, Franz ; Breuer, Michael  
2-2002Wall effect on heat transfer from a micro-cylinder in near-wall shear flowShi, Jun Mei ; Breuer, Michael  ; Durst, Franz 
3-Jun-2003Vortex formation and shedding from an airfoil at high angle of attackBreuer, Michael  ; Joviĉić, Nikola 
4-2005Visualization and computational steering of fluid motion in Czochralski crucibles during silicon crystal growthSchäfer, Frank ; Kumar, V. ; Breuer, Michael  ; Durst, Franz 
5-2021Validation of the dynamic wake meandering model with respect to loads and power productionReinwardt, Inga ; Schilling, Levin ; Steudel, Dirk ; Dimitrov, Nikolay ; Dalhoff, Peter ; Breuer, Michael  
6-2017Untersuchungen zur Fluid-Struktur-Interaktion einer luftgestützten Halbkugelmembran unter turbulenter ZuströmungWood, Jens Nikolas ; Breuer, Michael  
7-2011Two-phase flow predictions of the turbulent flow in a combustion chamber including particle-particle interactionsBreuer, Michael  ; Alletto, Michael 
8-15-Jan-2009Transient 3D simulation of Czochralski crystal growth considering diameter variationsRaufeisen, Alexander ; Breuer, Michael  ; Botsch, Tilmann W. ; Delgado, Antonio 
9-2015Towards FSIWood, Jens Nikolas ; Breuer, Michael  
10-2019Towards a deterministic composite collision outcome model for surface-tension dominated dropletsAlmohammed, Naser ; Breuer, Michael  
11-2010Time-dependent three-dimensional simulation of the turbulent flow and heat transfer in czochralski crystal growth including the three-phase boundary movementRaufeisen, Alexander ; Breuer, Michael  ; Botsch, Tilmann W. ; Delgado, Antonio 
12-Nov-2011Three-phase coupling of air, droplets and fibers for the spray molding manufacturing process of polyurethane-fiber-reinforced compositesDiffo Nkuété, Joseph Patrick ; Wulf, Peter ; Breuer, Michael  
13-2000Three-dimensional simulation of flow and thermal field in a Czochralski melt using a block-structured finite-volume methodBasu, Biswajit ; Enger, Sven ; Breuer, Michael  ; Durst, Franz 
14-Jan-2006The flow field in the mill - a key factor for the prediction of the comminution resultToneva, Petya ; Peukert, Wolfgang ; Wirth, Karl Ernst ; Epple, Philipp ; Breuer, Michael  
15-25-May-2009The dynamics of the transitional flow over a backward-facing stepSchäfer, Frank ; Breuer, Michael  ; Durst, Franz 
16-Apr-2019Systematic evaluation of the interface description for fluid–structure interaction simulations using the isogeometric mortar-based mappingApostolatos, Andreas ; De Nayer, Guillaume  ; Bletzinger, Kai Uwe ; Breuer, Michael  ; Wüchner, Roland 
17-1999Steady and unsteady computations of turbulent flows induced by a 4/45° pitched-blade impellerWechsler, Klaus ; Breuer, Michael  ; Durst, Franz 
18-Jan-1997Status of large eddy simulationRodi, Wolfgang ; Ferziger, Joel H. ; Breuer, Michael  ; Pourquié, Mathieu 
19-26-Mar-2017Source term based synthetic turbulence inflow generator for eddy-resolving predictions of an airfoil flow including a laminar separation bubbleSchmidt, Stephan ; Breuer, Michael  
20-Oct-2001Separated flow around a flat plate at high incidenceBreuer, Michael  ; Joviĉić, Nikola