Dr. Michael Meissner

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Meissner, Michael
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Dr. Michael Meissner
Meissner, Hans Michael
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s) 
1Open Access2021SiC-Si-Hybridschalter in resonant-schaltenden Topologien mit 1,2 kV- und 3,3 kV-BauelementenMeissner, Michael 
22017Dual On-State Gate Driver Concept for Improved Drive of Silicon Carbide MOSFETsFahlbusch, Sebastian; Fisahn, Fabian; Meissner, Michael ; Mueter, Ulf; Kloetzer, Sebastian; Hoffmann, Klaus F. 
32019Digitally Adjustable Gate Resistor Concept for Automated and Time-Saving Switching Characterisation of Power SemiconductorsMeissner, Michael ; Fahlbusch, Sebastian; Lipke, Tobias; Hoffmann, Klaus F. 
42017Automated Test Bench for the Measurement of Si-IGBT and SiC-MOSFET Hybrid SwitchesMeissner, Michael ; Fahlbusch, Sebastian; Hoffmann, Klaus F. 
52019Analysis of a 1200 V SiC-Si-Hybrid Switch for Resonant Applications with Consideration of Bipolar DesaturationMeissner, Michael ; Sauermann, Lars; Hoffmann, Klaus Friedrich 
62018Analysis of 1200 V Si-SiC-Hybrid Switches for Resonant ApplicationsMeissner, Michael ; Fahlbusch, Sebastian; Lüthke, Daniel; Hoffmann, Klaus Friedrich 
717-Oct-2022Analysis and Discussion of Different Three-Phase dv/dt Filter Topologies and the Influences of Their Filter Parameters on Losses and EMCFritze, Eric ; Meissner, Michael ; Hoffmann, Klaus Friedrich ; Rathjen, Kai-Uwe; Dickmann, Stefan ; Woywode, Oliver
82018A SiC-based 15-Level Power Inverter for the Generation of Variable High Frequency Output VoltagesFahlbusch, Sebastian; Meissner, Michael ; Klötzer, Sebastian; Bröcker, Felix; Hoffmann, Klaus Friedrich